Bright Colours is all about feeling good and choosing colour to achieve that.

Be bright: shop for your statement handbag and accessories in beautiful colours to enhance your outfit and lift your mood.

Be different: first impressions are so important, so stand out from the crowd. Colourful accessories are quick fixes to your existing wardrobe.

Colour can convey messages about yourself just like body language. Blue for trust, honesty and loyalty. Green for nature, balance and peace. Red for energy, passion and action. Orange for adventure, optimism and warmth. Yellow for mental agility, original thought and inquisitiveness. Purple for imagination and spirituality. Black is for concealment, secrecy and bottling things up. Grey is for compromise. So don’t let yourself be typecast or limited by neutrals or just one colour – to misuse Dorothy Parker’s damning quote about Katherine Hepburn ‘She ran the gamut of emotions from A to B’ -  but allow yourself to express your full range – and reach Z at times.  


Photographs by Hannah Barton, Joe Lord and Tom Leighton

Model: Grace Westerdale