Bright Colours sells exclusive and quality handbags, briefcases, purses and accessories in beautiful colours.

You want to stand out from the crowd, so we seek out individual artists and artisans producing elegant designs in small quantities. This means that you won’t see our collection of handbags and accessories just anywhere. It also means that we bring you designer handbags at heaven-sent prices.

Take advantage of the FLAT RATE shipping fee of £3 per order.

Not sure what colour to choose? Why not check out the meanings of colour below:

Colour can convey messages about yourself just like body language. Blue for trust, honesty and loyalty. Green for nature, balance and peace. Turquoise for communication and clarity of mind. Red for energy, passion and action. Pink is for compassion, nurturing and love. Orange for adventure, optimism and warmth. Yellow for mental agility, original thought and inquisitiveness. Purple for imagination and spirituality. Black is for concealment, secrecy and bottling things up. Grey is for compromise. 


Photographs by Hannah Barton, Joe Lord and Tom Leighton

Model: Grace Westerdale